To go to Lyon…

You can get there directly by train from Méximieux station. With free parking you will avoid road traffic and get off at Perrache or Part Dieu station. Lyon has a good public transport network, metro, tram, bus, velolib that will allow you to easily visit Lyon. Watch the evening hours of trains back on Meximieux there is no train all night.

We recommend : Quartier ConfluenceLe Vieux LyonFourvièreQuais de Saône

Old Lyon

Classified as Unesco heritage, we walk easily through alleys and facades that take you back centuries. The three districts St Paul, St Jean, St Georges will make discover the Renaissance style. You will find many museums, including the miniature, gadgets for puppets or the Automata.


From St Jean you can walk on the hill overlooking Lyon and his vieuws to the basilica. A breathtaking view of the capital of Gaul, will bring your eyes to the Alps. If you do not have the courage to climb, take the “String” a cabletrain  that will make your climb the few 120 meters without trouble.

Quais de Saône

From Vaise, take the Vaporetto and walk along Old Lyon and Fourvière with a different look. You will admire the monuments that are the St Jean Cathedral or the former Palais of Justice with these 24 columns. You will pass 5 bridges to disembark at Confluence, the new modern district of Lyon.


The vaporetto can drop you there. The new district inaugurated in 2014 is on the peninsula of Lyon. The Rhone and Saone come together in a modern architectural setting. There will be a museum and many shops.